Mt. Binacayan – Rodriguez, Rizal

Mt. Binacayan

I’m both glad and proud to be able to conquer another mountain before this year concludes, hello Mt. Binacayan! This was the first time I went out with these amazing people and it felt great to be able to do such activity with them, out from work. They’re one bunch of on-the-go people you wanted to do #YOLO trips with – including the boyfriend too, of course! Together we witnessed the fascinating view of Sierra Madre and Rizal provinces from Mt. Binacayan’s Summit! Hoooorraaay!

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Liebster Award 2016

The Liebster Award 2016

I am both excited and glad to accept this Liebster award given by Mei and Jonine. This kind of tags/awards are going on around the blogosphere for quite a while now but this is the first after the longest…

4 Years Anniversary
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Just Turned Four

One of the reasons why I posted a bf/gf tag earlier this month is because of this event that’s special to both of us! Yes, our anniversary! We officially turned 4 last Sunday, August 14, 2016, and though a…

The Perfect Beauty Guide

The Perfect Beauty Guide

Taking care of your body does not only pertain on vanity’s sake but, for your whole being as well. Taking good care of ourselves require time, effort and even sacrifice when there is a need to break bad habits…

On Your Mark Trilogy Leg 2
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Affinitea Race: On Your Mark Trilogy Leg 2

I’m so happy to have opened my WordPress dashboard the day after On Your Mark run. I’m talking about TODAY fellas! Finally, I won’t be talking about things that’re long overdue already. This has turned a habit for few…