Get Healthy and Go Places

PhilCare and GetGo Partnership 3

Travelling is in the hype of today’s generation. It is something that’s almost always present in our bucket lists, coz really, who would not want to go and see beautiful places around the world? Millenials continuously encourage travelling through social media photos, youtube vlogs and travel blogs that boomed here and there. Not to mention big billboards along the busy road and media advertisements on websites and television. Everybody wants it, so who am I not to crave for it too?

While it is true that the opportunity of exploring places isn’t only for the upper-class, we must also admit that the price and health risks that are associated with the luxury of travelling is not a joke. But since we are naturally resourceful, the wide knowledge and availability of travel hacks can pave the way to the wanderlust generation. With this, let me share this “Get Healthy Go Places” promo from PhilCare and GetGo Rewards partnership.

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